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Innovating Marketing Excellence

A 360° marketing consulting harnessing new-age technologies, domain best practices, and expertise. From insights to strategy, planning to creatives, and content to digital marketing, we integrate advanced digital technology to fuel your marketing growth.
Research & Insights​
Research & Insights
Market Research & Analytics
Strategy & Planning​
Strategy & Planning
Marketing & Branding
Content & Creatives
Content, Design, Production
Digital Marketing
Interactive Marketing
Digital Marketing & PR
Marketing Technology​
Marketing Technology
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About iLogyx

A holistic marketing consulting company, blending new-age technologies with industry best practices. We seamlessly transition from insights to execution, infusing every facet of marketing with cutting-edge digital solutions to propel your brand’s growth.

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Our Commitment

Our mission is to empower brands with innovative and holistic marketing solutions. Harnessing the synergy of technology and creativity, we aim to deliver strategies that resonate, engage, and drive growth. Every client’s vision becomes our mission, and we are committed to transforming their goals into tangible successes.

As we look to the future, our focus remains on fostering meaningful connections between brands and their audiences, ensuring that in an ever-evolving digital landscape, our clients always stay ahead of the curve.

Our Reach

iLogyx, powered by PresentationGFX, boasts an impressive legacy of over 15 years as an industry leader, having served more than 2000+ global clients. 


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End to end marketing solutions

End-to-end Marketing Solutions

iLogyx offers a comprehensive suite of marketing solutions, seamlessly bridging strategy with execution. As your one-stop marketing hub, we cater to every facet, from insights to digital outreach. Experience holistic marketing where innovation meets impact, all under one roof. This is enabled by a multi faceted team of diversified experience and expertise.

Performance & ROI Focused

At iLogyx, we prioritize performance, ensuring every strategy is laser-focused on tangible results. Our solutions are meticulously crafted to maximize ROI, turning investments into impactful outcomes. Through data-driven insights and expert execution, we guarantee measurable success for your brand.
High Performance
Tech-Enabled Marketing Solutions

iLogyx integrates new-age technologies, offering marketing solutions that are not only efficient but also optimized for the digital era. Experience the synergy of technology and strategy, propelling your brand to unparalleled heights. Gone are the days, where technology and marketing operated in silos. We create a seamless amalgamation of marketing and technology for effective outcomes.


Our end-to-end Marketing Services

At iLogyx, we offer a holistic suite of marketing solutions tailored for the digital age. Merging innovative technologies with time-tested strategies, we empower brands to navigate the evolving digital landscape and achieve unparalleled growth.
Market Analysis & Consumer Insights

At iLogyx, we delve deep into the intricacies of the market landscape and the psyche of consumers. Through rigorous Market Analysis and Consumer Insights, we uncover hidden trends, preferences, and behaviors. Empower your brand with data-driven strategies that resonate with your target audience.

Marketing Strategy & Execution Roadmap

At iLogyx, we believe in the transformative power of strategic thinking. From brand positioning to digital roadmaps, our strategies are crafted to align with your vision and drive tangible results. Dive into a world where every move is calculated, every decision data-informed, and every strategy tailor-made.

Execution Planning & Budgeting

In the realm of iLogyx, meticulous planning paves the path to success. We harmonize your brand’s aspirations with market realities, ensuring every marketing endeavor is set on a foundation of strategic foresight. Dive into a world of precision, where every campaign and initiative is orchestrated to perfection.

Marketing Analytics & Insights
At iLogyx, we transform raw data into actionable intelligence. Delving into the depths of analytics, we extract insights that drive decision-making, optimize campaigns, and predict market movements. Step into a realm where every data point tells a story, guiding your brand towards unparalleled success.
Corporate & Brand Identity Creation
In the creative sphere of iLogyx, we sculpt identities that captivate and resonate. Merging aesthetics with strategy, we craft a visual narrative that embodies your brand’s ethos and vision. Dive into a world where every hue, symbol, and design speaks volumes about who you are.
Creatives, Content, Design & Production
At iLogyx, we breathe life into ideas through compelling creatives and designs. Marrying art with strategy, we produce content that captivates, communicates, and converts. Step into a realm where imagination meets execution, and every piece tells a story.
Interactive & Digital Marketing

In the digital realm of iLogyx, we craft strategies that resonate, engage, and convert. Harnessing the power of online platforms, we amplify your brand’s voice, ensuring it reaches the right audience at the right time. Dive into a world where every click, share, and interaction is a step towards your brand’s digital dominance.

Marketing Technology Consulting

In the digital realm of iLogyx, we harness the power of MarTech to redefine marketing possibilities. Seamlessly integrating technology with strategy, we offer solutions that optimize, automate, and innovate. Dive into a world where every tool and tactic is tailored to amplify your brand’s reach and resonance.

Emerging Technologies Adoption

At iLogyx, we’re at the forefront of technological evolution. Embracing the potential of emerging technologies, we integrate cutting-edge solutions like AI, AR, and VR to redefine the boundaries of marketing. Step into a future where every interaction is enhanced, immersive, and uniquely tailored.

Our Marketing Products & Solutions

At iLogyx, we’ve meticulously crafted a suite of marketing products and solutions designed for the modern era. Seamlessly blending technology with strategy, our offerings empower brands to connect, engage, and thrive in a dynamic digital landscape.

Some of our Global Clientele

Discover the diverse range of global brands that have trusted us. Together, we've crafted success stories that resonate across industries.


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